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You're getting married and have begun the search for a photographer. By now I'm sure you've discovered it's no easy task. Searching for a wedding photographer these days is a monumental task. There are thousands upon thousands of photographers out there, some talented, some still a work in progress. How do you choose? Now, this is your special day we are talking about, a love story unique to you and your fiancé, with all your wonderful friends and family bearing witness. A life event this special can't be entrusted to just anyone. You deserve better.  If you're looking for traditional, posed wedding photography that is merely adequate, then I'm probably not your guy. I've been photographing weddings now for over nine years, for me, photography isn't a means to a paycheck, but a method of artistic expression. That means I don't want to simply take photographs, I want to make art.

I'm looking for couples who want to go off the beaten path and trail blaze with me. Perhaps you're an urban adventurer and a snazzy rooftop wedding in the City of Angels, alight with the soft, golden light of sunrise is more your thing, I'll bring the coffee. Hey, maybe you prefer the classics, but just because your wedding is at a traditional venue it doesn't mean all your photographs have to be traditional. You'd be amazed at how a golf course can be transformed into a rugged, outdoor paradise when photographed from the right angle. Whatever it takes to bring your love story to life, and create images that convey your sense of adventure with intimate emotion, I'll do it.

All I ask is that no matter where your wedding is, or what you are doing, have a little fun with it and go outside the box. Let yourself enjoy the crazy wonderfulness of marrying your best friend, and lover. I promise you the result will be a series of photographs that don't just capture moments, but transforms them into works of art enshrining memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.

I'm Norm Roberts the Fifth, a wedding photographer who has dedicated his life to perfecting the artistic medium of light. If you have a touch of wanderlust, an artistic soul and would like a photographer as adventurous and creative as you are, send me a message and we'll plan something wonderful.


Wedding Package options

for all love stories both near and far


I  endeavor to make sure you get the best possible photography service for your wedding. After all this is a big chapter in your love story. So while every wedding package I offer can be custom fit to your unique needs, there are several things every package will always include.

First and foremost, I place no kind of limit on the number of images you receive. I go through every shot taken and select every shot you'd want to see. From there, all selected photographs are given my unique color process, then individually edited to look their absolute best. Typically I don't do heavy retouching, I instead strive to get as near perfection as possible in camera. That isn't always possible however. If there is just no way to get around that unsightly waste bucket haunting the background I'll remove it in photoshop. These aren't just your wedding photos, they are my artwork and I can't stand it if they aren't exactly right.

The final product of all that work will be delivered to you via a USB drive, as well as a private online gallery. The print rights are included so you can print them where ever you like. You also have the option of ordering prints from my professional lab of choice through your private online gallery. I highly recommend any prints 8x10 or larger be done through the online gallery for best results. Your gallery will be up forever, so you can always see your photos on the go or share it with loved ones.

Every package also includes an engagement session free of charge. Why? Let's face it, having your photo taken can be a little awkward and if the person taking your photo is some dude you've just met for the first time it can be even more uncomfortable. So let's not be strangers at your wedding. Nine years of photographing weddings has made it abundantly clear; if I do an engagement session with a client the wedding photos will always turn out better. You and your love are more comfortable being yourselves in front of my camera, and having met and photographed you before, I have a better sense of how you'll act around each other.  So let's be friends, not strangers. If you've already done an engagement session, then let's do something totally different. I'm more than happy to drive up into the mountains and create something wildly romantic with you. Ask any of my clients, I'll drive across the country if it means I get to create something beautiful.

One last thing, and it certainly is not the least. I am an unashamed photo hoarder. You know that first wedding shot all the way back in 2009? I still possess every single JPEG I delivered to that first client. But that's not all, I still have the RAW files I shot too. And that's the case for every wedding since. It's even all backed up for safety. So if in 12 years your computer is struck by a meteorite reducing all your precious wedding pics to vapor, simply let me know and I'll get a new set to you. I believe no one should ever have to be worried about losing their wedding photographs.



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Weddings starting at $1,600

A wedding does not need to be an all day affair to be a thing of beauty. For up to six hours we'll create art, and memories all while having a blast.



All day coverage starts at $2,600

Your wedding is a love story unique to you, so we'll spend the entire day together and create artistic photographs that convey the deep love between you and your partner. Resulting in art that captures the sweet laughs, tears, and smiles that only happen at a wedding.



Weddings outside California start at $2,400

Getting married outside southern California but want me to photograph your wedding? I'll start packing my bags. Lovebirds outside southern California can book me with no additional travel cost In the U.S. 


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