Olympic Elopement Packages for Every Love Story

A WILD COASTLINE of mountains, Rain Forests, and adventures

 Eloping to the foggy coastline of Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

With one of the most diverse landscapes in the United States, Olympic National Park is an elopement destination second to none. With more than 70 miles of undeveloped coastline you’ll towering sea stacks carved out by relentless waves, tide pools, sandy beaches, massive pieces of driftwood and forests that come right down to the waterline. Head inland and explore quiet temperate rainforests dripping with dew and covered in ferns and moss, aqua colored rivers that wind across the landscape or hike up the glacier capped mountains. No matter what adventure you envision for your elopement, you’ll find the ideal setting for it in Olympic National Park. Let’s have an adventure!

 Pacific Northwest adventure elopements in Olympic National Park.

THe perfect Olympic elopement package

I absolutely adore Olympic National Park and photographing elopements there is like a dream come true for me. So to that end I’ve taken 10% off my elopement photography packages in Olympic. So find your perfect elopement package below and let’s venture into the Pacific Northwest for this next great chapter of your love story.

 Couple holds each other tight in the shadow of a towering cedar tree in the Hoh Rainforest.

Olympic ELOPEMENTS $1810

Olympic national park is ideal for romantic adventures. From the Hoh Rainforest to Rialto Beach there is no shortage of amazing locations on the peninsula that are ideal for creating stunning images. So, why not use as many as possible? With all day coverage we can explore and create from sunrise to sunset. Let’s have an adventure!


All day coverage

All photos on a USB drive

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More than just an elopement photographer

Planning an elopement in a national park, especially if it is one you have never been to can be daunting. As an elopement photographer specializing in national parks, my goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible. From helping you with finding a ceremony location to making a schedule to get the most out of your day,. I’ll even scout out your selected locations to make sure there won’t be any surprises. Whatever you need, I’ll be there to help make your dream elopement a reality.

 Bride grabs her groom's tie and pulls him in for a tender kiss in the Hoh Rainforest.

JOURNEYING with you through the wilderness

I’m not only an elopement photographer, but an avid backpacker, hiking enthusiast, and overall outdoor enthusiast. I’ve explored Olympics popular sights, network of trails and backroads and know just where we can find that perfect spot that will make your dream elopement a reality. From picturesque locations like Sol Duc Falls to the rolling mountains of Hurricane ridge, we’ll have an unforgettable adventure and create photographs you can treasure for a lifetime.

 Fun and Adventurous wedding photography in the Pacific Northwest.

love Olympic National Park?

I know I do! Contact me let’s plan this next great chapter of your love story through the wilds of Olympic National Park. There’s no better place to tie the knot then the foggy, tree lined coast of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Come. let’s be adventurous!