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I want to ensure that you get the very best elopement photographs possible, this is a once in a lifetime event after all, and we certainly don't want to climb that mountain in formal attire again. So while every elopement photography package can be tailored to fit your individual needs there are some things every package includes.

For most elopement locations I require three nights lodging as part of the travel expense. One for the night of the elopement, one for the scouting day before and the a travel day. The day before your elopement is my time to scout things out. I'll check out all the locations you've decided on as well as any spots that catch my eye in between. That way I know exactly where all the best spots are going to be and precisely where I want to take you to for your photographs. Even at locations I've been to multiple times, different times of the year and changing weather and landscapes, can have a big impact on how I want to use a location. plus you never know when a spot we picked my suddenly be closed or otherwise un-accessible. The day before the scouting is a travel day and In the worst case scenario of flights being delayed or other travel problems a whole day can be lost and I still arrive for your elopement on time.

Furthermore, I do not place limits on how many images you will receive. I think it is bizarre that photographers do that in this day and age. Does that mean you get every photo I took hastily edited and thrown at you? Not at all. I sort through every photo and select out any duplicates or other photos you'd rather not see. From there, every photograph is color processed with my unique look, then each and every photo is individually edited to look its very best. No batch edits here. I don't do heavy retouching in most cases, as I try to get as close to a finished photograph as possible in camera, and I have never been a fan of the airbrushed look. But if there was no way to get a shot without including that pesky telephone poll or someone had a scratch on their face that is glaring, I'll photoshop it out. I don't see these as simply your elopement photos, they are also my art and they must look exactly how I envisioned them. No cutting corners.

The end result of that lengthy process will be shipped to you on a USB drive, you will also receive a private web gallery as well. included with ever package are the rights to upload and share your photos on social media and print your photos where you like. I only ask that you do not edit or apply any filters when sharing your photos. Keep in mind when choosing to print yourself, every printer will print out your photos differently. Some may be too dark or have a different color tint to them. Unfortunately this is unavoidable as the printers of the world all calibrate their printers differently, or fail to calibrate them at all. In addition to the print release you also can order prints from the professional lab I recommend for best results through your web gallery. I recommend this to all my couples, for prints 8x10 or bigger, print through your web gallery as larger sizes make the print quality more apparent. Your gallery will be up forever, so you can always see your photos on the go or share it with loved ones without worry of it suddenly disappearing.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm a photograph hoarder. That very first wedding I shot back in 2009, yeah, I not only have every high resolution JPEG I delivered to the happy couple, but every RAW file I shot as well. And it's all backed up on multiple drives. So if in 17 years your computer along with all your wedding photos is stolen by a crotchety old Sasquatch, give me a call and I'll get a new copy of them to you. No one should have to worry about losing their wedding photos to Sasquatches.

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Elopements $800 +


Travel and Lodging

We'll travel somewhere special; from the majestic waterfalls of Yosemite National Park, to the slot canyons of Zion or the towering mountain peaks of Glacier National Park, all to find the perfect backdrop for your love story. There we will spend the entire day together capturing everything from dawns first light to your escape into the setting sun. Creating intimate photographs that capture your love. Nothing would make me happier than to be your elopement photographer. Let's have an adventure!


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