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Adventurous Photography for intimate love stories both near and far

 The sun sets on Half Dome in yosemite national park photographed from Sentinel Dome, the perfect place for an elopement

Elopements in the Great outdoors

For those wanderers who want an elopement experience that is both adventurous truly romantic. What could be a more intimate way of vowing your lives to one another, than doing so in the splendor of National Parks.


A few of my favorite things

Traveling to new places, outdoor adventures, and romantic portraiture. Elopements combine all my passions into one amazing experience. What could be better than that?. I certainly can't think of anything. What that means for you is I'm offering special discounts to brides and grooms looking to elope to the National Parks and Forests. There isn't a better venue to for an elopement than the great outdoors, sorry Vegas. With that in mind i'm offering 10% off elopement packages in the National parks. See the special pricing below!


We'll journey to somewhere incredible

From the snow capped peaks of Glacier, to the dunes of Death Valley or the quiet rainforests of Olympic, we’ll discover the perfect setting for this next chapter of your love story and create breathtaking photos you can treasure for a lifetime.



For couples looking to elope to National Parks and forests within three hours from Los Angeles, this is the package for you. Once there we will explore the park for an entire day together. Creating romantic images from dawn's first light to the setting of the sun. Nothing makes me happier than to photographing a couple in love in the national parks. let's work together to plan your dream elopement and create photographs, and memories that will last a lifetime.

ELOPEMENT package includes

All day coverage

All photos on a USB drive

Print release

Personalized slideshow digital file

Private web gallery




Your romantic souls desired something more than what the confines of a traditional wedding could offer. So you're packing your bags and eloping to the national parks of the US and Canada. My heart can relate. Once we arrive we can explore from sunrise till sunset. All the while creating romantic images. Elopements are my passion and nothing makes me happier than to photographing a couple in love in the national parks. Let's plan your dream elopement and and work together to create photographs, and memories that will last us both a lifetime.

ELOPEMENT package includes

All day coverage

All photos on a USB drive

Print release

Personalized slideshow digital file

Private web gallery

 Adventurous couples stands in front of a fallen tree after getting married in sequoia national park California

More than Just an elopement photographer

I'm Norm Roberts the Fifth, an artist who has dedicated more than a decade to perfecting the art of photography. When I'm not editing wedding photos you'll find me backpacking the wild places of this world. So If you are adventurous souls with a flare for romance, and would like to create with a fellow wanderluster, contact me and we can plan your perfect elopement.


So who is my ideal client?

Easy, a couple who doesn't mind their hair getting a little wind swept. Lovers who laugh at getting caught in a downpour, or smile when they get a little mud on their boots. Fellow explorers who crave going off the beaten path and take the road less traveled. Let's happily travel the twisting mountain roads, hop across rushing creeks, hike the painted canyons, and climb the mountaintops. The wild lands of this world offer the very best scenes to those willing to seek them out. Together we will create stunning images and memories we can both treasure for a lifetime.


Together we'll create a romantic experience you and your love will never forget

As a backpacker I adore the National Parks. Yosemite, Inyo, Lassen, Zion I love them all. I grew up spending springtime in the quiet town of mariposa right outside Yosemite National Park. Being that close, trips into the park were frequent occurrence. We’d make the short journey through the western portal and explore the valley, I'll never forget witnessing in the towering splendor of El Capitan and Half Dome for the first time. That majestic valley cemented my love for the outdoors that is a core part of who I am today.

 Windswept lovers hold hands on the shores of Two Medicine lake in Glacier National Park after their elopement.

What all am I willing to do as your elopement photographer?

The sky is pretty much the limit. Drive up to Yosemite National Park to spend the day exploring the valley? Get the weddings rings, I'm on my way. Maybe that's not adventurous enough for you and you'd rather backpack into the wilderness and have an elopement atop a soaring granite peak in Glacier National Park? When do we leave? Jumping in lakes? Camping on the beach? Kayaking the Colorado river? Let's go! No matter where your destination is or what we may be doing, let's have a fantastic time. Wander off the beaten path and enjoy the indescribable joy of eloping with your best friend to the National Parks.


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my favorite national parks for elopements

 Bridalveil Falls with the merced river in the foreground at sunset photographed in Yosemite National Park.

This magical valley is responsible for my great love of the outdoors. Explore special deals on elopement packages in Yosemite National Park.

sunset kiss in yosemite

I want to make sure you have the absolute best elopement experiance possible

magic like this only happens once in a lifetime after all. Besides we probably don't want to scale that peak in our formal attire again. Well, at least not for a redo. So your elopement package can be adjusted to fit your exact needs, there are a few things every elopement photography package of my includes.

 For Intimate weddings along the John Muir, Evolution Valley is a picturesque destination

For elopement locations in national parks outside southern california

All travel expenses are already included in your package. I spend a minimum of three days at your destination. One is of course for the the elopement. The second is a day to scout the locations you have selected. I want to be sure I'm familiar with every location we go to. The final day and night is for travel. In an absolute nightmare scenario of canceled or delayed flights as well as other travel crisis, an entire day can be lost to delays and I will still arrive for your elopement with time to spare.

 California's Joshua Tree  has some of the best sunset's and makes a terrific destination for your intimate wedding

I never limit how many pictures will be delivered to you.

But that also doesn't mean I just throw every image on the memory card on a drive and send it off. I carefully curate a selection of images giving you everything you'd want to see. No repetitive duplicates. From that point every image is given my unique color processing then individually edited to be its absolute best. You won't find any lazy batch editing here. For the most part I do not heavily retouch images unless they absolutely need it. They aren't just your elopement photos but my artwork, I will not stand for them being anything less than perfect.

 beautiful old gnarled tree in front of the sand dunes of death valley california

The finished images will be sent on a handy USB drive & through a web Gallery

Every package includes print rights as well as the ability to share images on social media(apparently some photographers don't allow this.). My only request is that you do not edit or apply filters to my work when sharing. Your web gallery will always be accessible to you for viewing or sharing with friends and family.

 Joshua Tree has no shortage of beautiful spots for romantic photos after a wedding in the National Park

One last thing, and I think it's pretty important.

I am a self professed hoarder of photographs. I not only have each and every high resolution JPEG that I've delivered to every wonderful couple I've photographed since my very first wedding in 2009, but all the RAW files I took as well. Not only that but it is all carefully backed up on multiple drives. So let's say in 10 years your laptop along with all your elopement photos mangled by an hungry bear raiding your cabin, Let me know and I'll make sure you get a new copy of them right away. No one should have to worry about losing their elopement photos to bears.

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