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Romantic WEddings & Intimate Elopements

Let's tell your love story


Hi, I'm Norm Roberts the Fifth


I’m deeply in love with all the wild places of this earth, a hopeless romantic, and a professional photographer specializing in romantic weddings and intimate elopements. Currently, I find myself based in the bustling Los Angeles area enjoying the sunshine. I enjoy the city life but also love roaming the land far and wide. You’ll find driving across the country, waking up at the crack of dawn, and generally going as far out of my way as possible to create the romantic images I envision. If you want wedding photos that go beyond the ordinary and show your love story with artistic vision, then I'm the wedding photographer for you.



Artistic wedding Photography for creative folk


Your wedding is one of the biggest chapters in your love story. A day full of romance, heartfelt emotions, and unforgettable moments. Doesn't it deserve a photographer who goes beyond simply capturing moments with light, and instead weaves their artistic vision, and your heartfelt emotion, creating something far greater than a photograph? That is precisely why I created Fifth Photography. I am a photographer for the romantic souls of this world who desire far more than mere snapshots out of their wedding photos. So whether you're planning a grand wedding, or an simple elopement, follow me off the beaten path and let's create something truly wonderful. We'll have a blast doing it too!