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       I'm Norm Roberts the Fifth, a photographer and nature enthusiast who has been photographing weddings professionally for more than eight years. Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite places on Earth. I grew up spending every Easter right outside the park with my family near the quaint little town of Mariposa. Being so close, expeditions into to the park were a regular occurrence. We’d make the quick trip in through El Portal and experience the majesty of the valley, basking in the splendor of the sheer cliffs of El Capitan and the unique shape of Half Dome. That wondrous granite inspired my love for nature and instilled in me a great appreciation for the wild places of this world. I still frequently head up to the little cabin my great grandfather bought so long ago. It is my go-to escape when I need a healthy dose of fresh air, mountains, and waterfalls.

So, while I love the national parks, Yosemite is very near and dear to my heart. I mean, what could be more romantic and intimate than an Yosemite elopement? After all these years of exploring the park, I can say I know it thoroughly. I know not only where we can find the best spots, but when we can get the best light at each. From grand vistas to tiny hideaways, I can lead you to the perfect location for your Yosemite wedding or elopement photos. Combining my love for romantic photography with my love of the outdoors seems only natural. So I'm offering special discounts on my wedding and elopement packages for sessions in Yosemite National Park. You can count on me to doing anything and everything required to bring your love story to life in the splendor of Yosemite. You'll find me happily driving winding mountain roads, wading through the Merced River, trekking up Half Dome, or climbing granite boulders to find the shot we envisioned. All of this is to create the photographs this grand romantic chapter of your life deserves.

If you love Yosemite and believe it is the perfect place for your romantic wedding or intimate elopement then look no further for your photographer. Choose someone who not only has been photographing weddings for nine years but loves Yosemite as much as you do. Contact me and we'll plan your amazing day.



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Yosemite WEDDING & elopement PACKAGEs

FOR ALL LOVE STORIES in that majestic valley


Having your wedding or elopement in Yosemite is a spectacular moment in your lives. Shouldn't your photography package be equally amazing? I want to make sure you get the best images possible, this isn't just a run of the mill event after all, and we certainly don't want trek up Half Dome in tuxedos and wedding dress again. So while all wedding and elopement packages can certainly be made to meet your distinct personal needs, there are several things all wedding packages include.

To start things off, I will never place arbitrary limits on how many photographs you get. I think that's a bizarre practice in this modern day and age. Instead I painstakingly  sort through each photograph I take and remove anything you'd rather not see. No duplicates, tests shots, or unnecessarily repetitive images. From that point, everything is given my unique color process, then carefully edited to perfection. Batch editing is a no no here. My  philosophy is that heavy retouching should be avoided whenever possible. Instead a photographer should try to get as close to the envisioned final image in camera as possible. But there's always exceptions. As sometimes the perfect spot happens to have a very imperfect imperfection like a waste bin or light pole. In those cases I'll break out photoshop. I go above and beyond when editing your photographs as these aren't just your wedding or elopement photos, they are my art and I won't have them look anything but their best.

The finished product will be mailed on a lovely little USB drive. In addition you'll be given a link to your a web gallery of all your images. All my packages include print rights so you can print your wedding or elopement photos anywhere you'd like. You also have the option of ordering prints and other products from my professional lab of choice. You can do so via your web gallery. I recommend any prints larger than 8x10 be done through your web gallery. But no rush, your web gallery will always be there.

All my yosemite wedding packages include an engagement session for any couples in southern or central California free of charge. Why am I willing to drive all over? Simple, I understand  being photographed can be a tad awkward for some. It is even worse if your photographer is some random dude you just met  fifteen minutes ago. So I prefer to meet clients beforehand, let's be friends at your wedding not strangers. If more than nine years of wedding and elopement photography has made only one thing clear; it is that doing an engagement session always results in better wedding photos. Fear not if you've already done your engagement photos, you can chose to opt out but I encourage you to do a new, and different shoot with me! I'm always eager to venture off into the mountains or woods and create romantic portraits.

Yosemite is roughly a six hour drive from my home here in Los Angeles. But for weddings packages I do not charge for travel. For elopements I do charge a travel fee of $200, but I require no lodging as my family has a cabin nearby. 

Lastly, I am most definitely a photo hoarder. I have every wedding and elopement photograph I have ever taken going back all the way to my first wedding way back in 2009. They are all securely backed up as well. So if 15 years from now you're staying at the Yosemite lodge celebrating your anniversary and while at dinner hungry Black Bears raid your room and take a bite out of your laptop destroying your precious wedding photos, just let me know and I'll send you a new copy right away. No one should have to worry about losing their wedding or elopement photos hungry Black Bears.


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Wedding Coverage starts at six hours. Perfect for Intimate weddings in yosemite without a lot of events. We'll make sure to get out and explore the park a bit.


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ALL DAY Yosemite COVERAGE STARTing AT $2,600

I'll spend the whole day with you and even bring a second shooter. photographing everything from your early morning preparations, to you lovebirds watching the sunset on half dome. Yosemite is a grand place for a wedding, and there's certainly no shortage of amazing photography opportunities to be hand, we'll utilize every second documenting this Romantic new chapter in your lives. 



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Yosemite ELOPEMENTS $800+

200 TRAVEL cost

Your adventurous hearts weren't content with the traditional wedding love story, they desired something uniquely romantic to quench their wanderlust. In the end you decided Yosemite was the perfect destination and I can understand why. My heart belongs to that magical valley as well.

 For those outdoorsy romantics who want something truly unique, elopements are an intimate way of pledging your lives to one another. Elopements are where creativity and adventure come hand in hand to create truly wondrous experience.

We’ll find the perfect backdrop in Yosemite for this wondrous new chapter of your love story. We can spend the whole day traveling from the valley floor to the Tioga pass. Capturing every romantic moment of your special day from the first light of dawn to the suns final moment above the horizon. All while creating romantic photographs that embody the heartfelt emotion of your love story.  Yosemite is my happy place, and nothing would bring me more joy than getting to be a part for your elopement. Send me a message and we'll plan your next great adventure!