Wildly Romantic Mt. San Jacinto Engagement

Ryan & Laura's mountain top engagement

 Lovers hold on tightly and stare at the view below.

From the cacti to the Clouds

When Ryan and Laura were deciding on a location for an engagement and wanted something woodsy, I knew the perfect place. Mt. San Jacinto has always been my favorite peak in Southern California. Having Backpacked and hiked them all, I can say it has the most beautiful landscapes and spectacular view, after spectacular view. But what makes it truly unique, is that instead of a challenging hike up the mountain to reach the peak, you can hop on a tram and ride it up to 8,000 feet. It's one of the main reasons it made my list of the best places to elope in California.

 Beautiful kiss between two souls madly in love in the woods of California.

A stunning location alone doesn't make a shoot magical

It certainly sets the stage, but when it comes down to it, It's really up to the stars of the show. And Ryan and Laura absolutely knocked it out of the park. From start to finish, these two lovebirds were cracking jokes, being sweet on one another, and overall having a great time. The results speak for themselves. In fact, when I wrote my guide on getting amazing engagement photos this shoot was definitely one of my inspirations. So take a look at their adventure through one of California's most beautiful mountains and get a little inspiration for your own wild love story.

Stoic couple poses for stunning engagement photograph.