An Absolutely Stunning Engagement in Malibu California

engagements don't get much more romantic than this

Norma and RObert's Malibu engagement


So first things first, how perfect is it that I, Norm Roberts, got to photograph Norma and Robert's engagement? haha. But that's only one reason this engagement is one of my favorites. When clients ask me if I have any advice for getting fantastic engagement photos my number one tip boils down to simply this "inconvenience yourself.". I know that sounds like terrible advice but hear me out. Instead of doing what is most convenient, the park down the street for example, go out of your way and head somewhere spectacular, like an engagement at El Matador State Beach, or here in the rolling oak savanna of Malibu. Dress up, get your hair done, get up early, stay out late, etc. All these inconveniences make your engagement session become something extraordinary. 

Now Norma and Robert really took this advice to heart. We headed out to Malibu to find the perfect location and made sure to be there at sunset for the best lighting. Now, just look at that dress! That isn't my editing that makes it look different in every single photo, that's the way it shimmered in the golden light of the setting sun. Absolutely stunning. These two's style was only outclassed by their love. They quickly forgot they were in front of the camera and got lost in each other. I just can't wait to photograph their wedding! Stay tuned in for that.

Sit back and take your time viewing these beautiful engagement photos we created together, I promise you won't be disappointed.



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