Eloping to the Eastern Sierra's Alabama Hills

where the desert meets the mountains

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The alabama Hills

On the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada range you’ll find a near magical land of rolling hills and towering rock formations, the Alabama Hills. These formations rival Joshua Tree for their grandeur but also feature a backdrop of the majestic peaks of the Sierra. When Dave and Joley chose this scenic landscape for their elopement I couldn’t of been more excited. But it didn’t stop there, to make things even more incredible we’d be doing night photos with the lunar eclipse.

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A love story to remember

This was my first elopement of 2019 and what a way to kick off my busiest year yet. These two made their elopement one I’ll never forget. With a few simple touches, a copper pipe arch, a white faux fur rug, and floral details their intimate wedding ceremony in the Alabama Hills was transformed into a thing of refined beauty. But the real star of the day was the couple themselves. Be it their uncanny ability to make each other laugh, the way they made one another smile, or their heartfelt vows, these two were a pristine example of true love. But I hardly need to say anything as it will be painfully obvious from the photos below.