Three Great Reasons to Consider Eloping


Why forgo the big wedding for an elopement

I love weddings; it’s why I’ve been photographing them for over nine years, but they are far from perfect. Half the day is spent apart preparing for the ceremony, then when you finally get together you have the reception where hundreds of guests vie for your attention and pull you in a thousand directions. Weddings end up being more about your family and friends than you and your love. But before that can even happen, you have to plan it all. A wedding is a big event that requires extensive planning, multiple vendors, and lots of paperwork. Hiring a wedding planner can help a lot but that's when we conveniently arrive at my final point, weddings can quickly get expensive.

 Romantic engagement picnic at El Matador state beach in Malibu California at Sunset

Well, how about elopements then?

In short, they are almost the exact opposite in every way. Those differences can be simplified into three great reasons you should chose to elope over having the big wedding.

 Groom sees his love for the first time at the first look before their intimate elopement

1. Elopements are all about your experience.

The focus of an elopement is on two things; the person you love and want to spend your life with, and having an amazing time. You’ll likely spend the whole day together, doing whatever you want. It's hard to beat that. And that’s the key here, your elopement is all about you and what you want. No stressing about the caterer not being on time or hoping Aunt Sally doesn't drink too much at the reception. It's just the two of you, your love, and creating as many wonderful memories as you can. When it comes to the quality of the experience, you simply can't beat an elopement.

 two lovebirds sit on a rock overlook and take in the sights of Sequoia national park after their intimate engagement session i nthe woods

2. Elopements cost less than weddings, a lot less.

For most this is likely the biggest draw to eloping. According to 13,000 couples over on The Knot, the average wedding in The United States costs $33,391. Ouch. Now to compare, picture if you will your dream honeymoon destination. What does a trip there cost? Now throw on the cost of your wedding attire, officiant and an elopement photographer/videographer to that and you're done. I’m going to wager a guess and say it’s a lot less than $30,000.

 bride and groom enjoy the shade of an old oak tree as they smile at each other after an intimate first look

But the low cost of elopements isn’t just saving you money

it’s allowing you to have a better experience. That amazing honeymoon idea you had that wasn’t affordable with a traditional wedding is suddenly your wedding venue, and the trip is probably cheaper than renting the local country club’s banquet hall. Compared to feeding a hundred guests at $100 a plate, even the most expensive restaurant in town is affordable. See the pattern? Your elopement is all about you; treat yourself and make memories.

 Lower Yosemite falls crashes against the granite boulders of

3. Elopements are more flexible than a traditional wedding.

One of the best things about elopements is how flexible they can be. For those with adventurous souls and a spark of wanderlust, this is where elopements become truly magical. Imagine instead of dealing with the mountain of work that goes into coordinating a big traditional wedding, you go on an adventure into actual mountains with the love of your life. Sounds pretty good right?

groom tear eyed as he says vows

Whatever you do, don’t downplay your elopement.

Remember, a wedding is supposed to be about vowing your love for one another. It doesn't matter if that ceremony has a thousand guests or zero, It’s a big deal, it’s not “just an elopement”. Your elopement is special, get excited, splurge, make it even more unforgettable. Get that wedding dress you always dreamt of, have a candlelit dinner picnic under the stars. Treat yourself.

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