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WEdding, Elopement & Fashion Photographer

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I'm Norm Roberts the Fifth, an outdoor adventurer and professional photographer. For the past nine years I've photographed a little bit of everything; brides and grooms, models, landscapes, hotels, products, you name it. But as I mastered my craft I concluded that there's just something inexplicably wonderful about photographing people. From romantic elopements in Yosemite, to stylized fashion shoots here in Los Angeles, artistically photographing people to create images that tell their story is my passion. For me, photography isn't a means to a paycheck, but a method of artistic expression. I'm not interested in the traditional posed images, I want real emotions, real moments, images that capture the real you. Be it a wedding, elopement, or fashion shoot, my goal is to create meaningful photos that produce a sense of wonder in my client all while having a great time, a photo shoot should be fun!  My favorite clients are the ones willing to go off the beaten path with me. There's a big world out there, why not explore it?

Currently I find myself based in the bustling Los Angeles area of sunny California, but roam the land far and wide. If there's one thing in this world I'm more passionate about than photography, it would have to be traveling. When I’m not creating with my clients, my time is spent driving the desolate roads of California's deserts, or backpacking through the wilderness with my German Shepherd Eva.

 If you have a touch of wanderlust, are an artistic soul, and would like to create something with a photographer as adventurous as you are, send me a message and we'll plan something wonderful. Let's have an adventure!


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