Long Beach Based Photographer, Nature Enthusiast, And Dog Lover.

Hello, I’m Norm Roberts The Fifth,

For the past seven years I have dedicated myself to the art of photography, providing professional services to all of Southern California and beyond. Photographing everything from heart touching weddings, to awe inspiring architecture. Whether I’m working as a wedding photographer, photographing a hotel, or capturing a sunrise over a stunning landscape, I put my hearty and soul into everything I shoot. I take great pride in my work, especially in the fact I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer. 

If there's one thing in this world I'm more passionate about than photography, it's traveling. When I’m not busy shooting for a client, my free time is spent driving through the desert, or backpacking through the wilderness with my dog, photographing this spectacular world we live in. I admittedly have a terrible weakness for the snow capped mountains of the Sierra.

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