Jennifer and Casey

Beneath the Willow Tree

The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch, Oak Glen California


A nearly 150 year old ranch, complete with spring fed ponds, a century old apple orchard, and a massive willow tree, were the venue for this gorgeous June wedding. Despite the blazing sun beating down upon the earth, everywhere you looked, the grounds were a verdant green. The Secret Garden is truly a hidden gem in Oak Glen located just under two hours away from Long Beach. Jennifer and Casey's ceremony took place under the sweeping arms of an ancient Willow tree that stood beside the tranquil waters of a large pond. With everyone gathered in the shade of the massive tree, free space was limited, but it made the ceremony all the more intimate. From the live violin and piano, to the couple's tender words, the intimate setting allowed every guest to fully be a part of each and every moment. After the ceremony, live music, and beautiful, rustic decorations continued to delight. A short time latter, the setting sun and gorgeous vistas made the perfect backdrop for a romantic first dance. As night fell, a chorus of frogs emanated from the pond, the final brushstroke to complete this picturesque country wedding.