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Every photograph you see here is a labor of love. I've lugged heavy equipment up mountains, dealt with adverse weather, waited countless hours for just the right light, and almost destroyed some very expensive equipment, all for my love of photography. Here, I've painstaking selected only the finest fruits of those labors and have gathered them together to share with you. I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs and would love for you to give them a good home. Make sure to check back regularly to see my latest work! 

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All photos listed here are for sale for commercial and personal use. I print through a number of professional print shops and can provide a wide array of print products to meet your needs. Framed prints, canvases, and metal prints of all sizes, as well as massive wall murals or whatever else you can dream up. If you have your own print shop you'd prefer to use, I also sell the image rights. Commercial Pricing is heavily dependent on quantity so please message me for a quote.

For individual prints for personal use, you may purchase my photographs through my shop.


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About the Artist

Norman Roberts the Fifth is a Professional Photographer from sunny Southern California. From soaring mountain peaks capped in snow, to urban landscapes glistening with color after a night-time shower, he uses his eye for art and photographic skill to capture the beauty all around us. There are far too many wondrous sights in this world for any one person to witness in totality, but he'd certainly like to try. As a professional photographer, Norm takes the utmost pride in his work and the products he offer in his gallery.