Lauren's Fashion Portfolio Part 2

Photographing mid-day always presents challenges.

Lighting is harsh and dead above, simultaneously leaving subjects eyes shadowed while causing some serious squinting. It's usually best to stick to the shade but that can be pretty limiting. With a few flashes, reflectors or diffusers however, you can make even the brightest conditions work for you. This was the second half of Lauren's Fashion Portfolio and a more urban feel was wanted. Thankfully, through a friend of her's we had access to an absolutely gorgeous house in San Dimas which gave us a perfect setting. The mid-day sun and reflectors/flashes gave us a very bright and vivid look which matched the summer fashions and our poolside setting. When working in such a bright environment a useful trick is to have your subject keep their eyes closed until you give them a queue that you're ready to photograph; Less strain on the eyes and less squinting. It was a bit toasty but we managed to beat the heat and create a series of fun summer fashion photos.