Unforgettable Wedding at The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch

California’s most charming rustic wedding venue, The Homestead

 Married couple sits on a log and stares into each other's eyes.

Ryan and Laura

After we created some of last years best engagement photos on Mt San Jacinto I just could not wait for this wedding. And boy did it not disappoint. These two were an absolute delight to photograph as they have no problem whatsoever loving on each other. They also love to make each other laugh which, as I always say, if you have a good time you’re going to get better photos. And as you’ll see below, we created an absolutely amazing collection of photos that these two will treasure for a lifetime.

 Couple kisses at the bar at The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch in Oak Glen.

The Homestead

I’ve worked at a lot of different locations over the past ten years and I have to say, The Homestead at Wilshire Ranch is one of my absolute favorite venues in Southern California. From the moment I arrived I was consistently impressed. The bridal cottage was not only charming but even the smallest of details, like a hook to hang the dress in the window, were not overlooked. Usually at a venue there’s a thousand things I wish they would improve, but when the owner of the venue approached me during dinner and asked me if I had any suggestions, I honestly came up blank.

From the antique lamps lighting the landscape to the rustic tin bar, everywhere nook and cranny of this place has been decorated with care. And while the aesthetics are important, I think what really sets The Homestead apart from other wedding venues is the staff. From making sure the bride and groom had drinks to helping bustle the wedding dress before the reception, to letting me know about changes to the schedule, at every stage they were there with a smile on their face and ready to help. I cannot recommend this wedding venue enough.

 Romantic southern California wedding photography by Fifth Photography.

LOOKING for a videographer?

I feel I have pretty high standards when comes to weddings so there are few vendors I refer to my clients, let alone give a shout out to on my website, but these two deserve it without a doubt.

Mckenzie and Christian are a sibling videography duo based out of Virginia who do absolutely amazing work. I’m a big fan of their style of visual storytelling and think it pairs nicely with my own. But more importantly, I found them to be an absolute pleasure to work with. All too often photographers and videographers step on each other’s toes as they try create their work. But these two were total professionals and coordinating with them to ensure we both could create exactly what we wanted was a breeze. Ryan and Laura certainly made an excellent choice picking them. So if you’re looking for a videographer and want a team that can make your romantic adventure into a cinematic masterpiece, check out Travel House Collective.

Happy bride smiles as the last buttons are done up on her dress.
Groom wears a stylish blue suit at his marriage ceremony.
Bride sings their song during the first dance.
Groom puts on a fedora and tears up the dance floor.