Unforgettable Wedding at St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church

 St Therese Carmel Church marriage ceremony.

Marcus and Kristina & the beautiful St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic CHurch.

In the heart of Carmel Valley lies the lovely grounds of the St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic Church. A perfect place for a couple in love to pledge their lives to one another. Marcus and Kristina put their love on display with a quiet elegance few could match.

 Darlington house wedding photographer.

One of my Favorite wedding venues, The Darlington House

After their ceremony the newlyweds headed off to their reception at one of my favorite venues in San Diego. With a myriad of architectural styles from across the globe, and more charm than you can fathom, the Darlington House is a wedding venue without peer. With inviting patios, lush gardens and designs and details from around the world, one could spend an entire day exploring this historic home. If you haven't decided on a venue for your wedding yet, you must check it out, it is afterall absolutely darling.

Groom rests his head on his beautiful bride for a romantic wedding photo in San Diego.