Intimate Wedding in Laguna Beach - Dakota & Kristan

Sunsets, waves, and romance in Laguna Beach


These two lovebirds made the bold decision to have an intimate wedding on the shore of Laguna Beach. Why was that bold you ask? Well it was a chilly November, definitely not the usual time of year one would chose to hop into the pacific ocean. But what a payoff. With the beach almost completely to themselves, they had an intimate wedding ceremony attended by their closest family and friends. A great example of a modern elopement that still includes your closest family and friends. Afterwards these two enjoyed the sunset, and the waves and we created a series of unforgettable photos that are still among my favorite. I always say, the best way to ensure you get amazing wedding photos is to have fun, they really took that to heart. Laguna Beach truly is for lovers.


Family and friends help set up the driftwood altar for the ceremony at Laguna Beach.
Newly married couple stare deeply into each others eyes after their wedding at Laguna Beach.