A Love Story at the Alta Vista Country Club

What makes a wedding unforgettable?

 Alta Vista Country Club brides.

The answer is simple

What makes a wedding unforgettable is a couples outpouring of love for one another. The tender way they look at each other, make each other smile, and care for one another throughout the day is what guests, and photographers, will remember forever. As you'll see, Jasmine and Stephen not only put on a dazzling display of their deep love for one another, but had awesome style, a gorgeous venue, and perfect lighting. All of which I was able to use to create timeless photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

 The beautiful white Gazebo and lush grounds make Alta Vista Country Club weddings unforgettable.

The setting

For the setting of their love story, they chose one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Placentia California, the Alta VIsta Country Club. It's white gazebo and immaculate grounds made a classic backdrop for their marriage ceremony. Afterwards, we journeyed across the country club and took advantage of the picturesque ponds, stone bridges and unique tunnel. Here I have to give a big shout out to Miguel, the service manager at Alta Vista. From beginning to end, he not only took care of the bride and groom but helped me with whatever I need. From bringing us water, to driving us around the grounds, the man was everywhere and we wanted for nothing. Thanks again Miguel! All in all it was an absolutely beautiful Southern California wedding, but don't take my word for it, see for youself.