Drew and Christina's Romantic Wedding at the Leo Carrillo Ranch


Here's another love story I've been dying to share. Drew and Christina were a lovely couple with great tastes as you’ll soon see. For their big day they chose a very special wedding venue located in Carlsbad California, the Leo Carrillo Ranch. Dating back to the 1930s the Leo Carrillo Ranch was once an 840 acre ranch built as a retreat for Californian actor and conservationist of the same name. Today, while only 27 acres still remain, most of the original buildings still stand. And the ranch itself is now located in a park that is both an educational and recreational delight. And I really mean that, this is one charming wedding venue. I’ve always had an affinity for old historical buildings so the ranch really spoke to me. Not only has it been meticulously restored to it’s historic roots, but the grounds are wonderfully kept with cacti, succulents and blooming flowers everywhere you look. This place is a photographers dream come true. A venue where couples can’t help but be caught up in its’ charm and romance. Drew and Christina certainly fell victim. From the first look in a sea of cacti, to their sunset stroll by the pool, which might I say is basically the pinnacle of Californian style, romance had a real show of force. The more you look at this wedding the more delightful details you’ll see. Just check out the brides lovely dress with all that flowing lace! I’ve noticed a lot of eucalyptus in bouquets and decorations these days and I must say I really love it. Then there's the little copper terrariums with succulents, the painted tiles, more eucalyptus, it just all comes together seamlessly. And look at that cake topper! I love it all. Well instead of reading, I advise you see it all for yourself. Don’t forget to click the link to the extended gallery at the bottom of the page if you’d like to see more. And if you are planning your own wedding in the Carlsbad area and need a venue, check out the Leo Carrillo Ranch, You won’t be disappointed.

 bashful bride poses for a portrait captured by photographer during romantic wedding at the historic Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad California

Adorable cake topper idea

What a charming idea for a wedding cake topper. This little heart shaped cactus is a favorite, and I've seen a lot of  wedding cakes.

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