Lingerie as Outerwear in Venice Beach with Jenny, The Hungarian Brunette


One of the wonderful things about living in Los Angeles is the phenomenal Fashion scene. A few months back, Jenny from the lifestyle blog The Hungarian Brunette contacted me about doing a fashion shoot and after a little brainstorming we ended up settling on the concept "Urban Lace". All that was left was to find the perfect location in the Los Angeles area. LA certainly has no shortage of urban backdrops, but many are spoiled by horrendous traffic and terrible crowds. After a little scouting around, we decided on a sunrise shoot in Venice Beach. There, exposed brick, grungy alleyways and colorful graffiti were all in abundance. As my luck would have it, on the morning of the shoot, it began to rain. Thankfully, after being delayed by traffic induced by my fellow Southern Californians' inability to drive in the slightest of downpours, we managed to narrowly avoid the rain and set to work with the early morning sun diffused behind a thick layer of clouds. As you will see, all our hard work paid off big time. Below is a little excerpt from this shoot on Jenny's blog.

It’s unexpected & it keeps people guessing – If you’re a wallflower or if you’d rather not have people staring at you all the time, maybe don’t wear this. People are gonna look for sure, and most of them will be asking themselves if you’re actually wearing lingerie or just a sexy dress. It’s also out of the ordinary, so if you’re going to an event and want to make a statement, this might be the way to go!
— Jenny, The Hungarian Brunette

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