Vintage Wedding In the Temecula Wine Country

Vintage Charm Abounds in this Temecula wine country wedding.


I've been a wedding photographer in Southern California for nearly ten years now. While every wedding I get the privilege of participating in is special to me, there are some that really stand out, and even fewer go so far as to change my idea of what the pinnacle of romance and being in love is. This is one of them.

It's been five years since I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing James and Danielle on their special day out in the wine country of Temecula., and it is still a wedding near and dear to my heart. Set aside the gorgeous, rustic setting. Ignore the romantic vintage themed decorations, charming little things like a globe pinned with important locations in their relationship, and Just look at how these two look at each other. They had no problem completely ignoring the fact they were having their photo taken and solely focused on each other. That's what makes these photos exude such a profound feeling of love. The supporting star in this Temecula wine country wedding was the stunning light. I grew up in the area and can tell you that one can only get sunsets like this in the warm country air of Temecula. James' and Danielle's romantic session took place during what wedding photographers call the golden hour, and I believe you can see why. All and all this vintage themed, wine country wedding, like their love, is one for the record books.


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